BIT-C-128 Video DAC for Commodore 128/128D, IBM CGA, and Tandy CGA Plus


Around 2012, my friend Robert Bernardo approached me about producing a video DAC circuit created around 2008-2009 by Richard Goedeken, who had since stopped making them.

In July 2015, the BIT-C-128 Video DAC was released at the 11th annual Commodore Las Vegas Exposition, CommVex v11.

After strong sales particularly through the holidays, the BIT-C-128 video DAC circuit board entered its second printing in January 2016.

Also in January 2016, the United States Postal Service (USPS) increased its rates; international rates went up 90%, to more than double what those in other nations pay to ship to the USA.

In February 2016, I started carrying more accessories (DE-9 extension and VGA-to-BNC cables, and related fasteners).

In May 2016, I tested a color separator that works well with the Gonbes GBS-8220 to provide full color in 40-column modes. The Ambry SDV1 is relatively expensive—roughly as much as the BIT-C-128 Video DAC, Gonbes unit, and AC adapter all together—but it works well and still keeps the total system cost very reasonable (all together, about $180). More details are available on the applications page.

Unfortunately, also in May, my domain services provider caused a service outage during which my pages were down and email bounced for a couple of days. (If you sent a message and it bounced, please resend it and accept my apology.)

In June 2016, I started carrying a new international AC power adapter and clip-on plugs for it that allow it to power a video DAC and Gonbes unit nearly anywhere in the world. I also added thumbnails and larger images to the order page, which show the products and how they interface.

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